Congrats to #IdolsSA Top 2 Paxton & Mthokozisi

The Idols journey is soon coming to end and it all boils down to 16-year-old Paxton and 25-year-old Mthokozisi.

Last night’s show revealed the remaining two contestants who will battle it out for the final title as SA’s top Idol 2017.

The season’s favourite Botlhale bowed out of the show, but not before he and the other two performed their recorded singles, to which Mthokozisi received a standing ovation and Somizi standing on the judge’s table.

The show was opened up by the season’s Top 10 contestants, including Phindy, Lindo, Thokozile and Christo.

The top two got to performance twice in a throwback themed, one performance from their last theatre audition and one of their favourite performance of the season.

Mthokozisi brought the house down with his performance of Musa’s Mthande and Ringo’s Kum Nakum.

Somizi said, ”That’s how you end your season. This is a memorable performance. Whoever will be voting will vote while thinking and singing this song. Win or lose, well done  Randall, who has been in favour of the young star he is a reminder that hard work does pay off.

“If we look at the top 16, there were some very talented performers…but in your case it was obvious that you were going to give it more than a 100% every single week. There were some weeks that you weren’t great, and you knew that, and you kind of went back and said let me think about my resources, think about my energy and come back and be better (sic). You absolutely deserve being there next week,” he said.

The last lady standing, and the youngest contestant in this season, Paxton sang American Boy by Estelle and for her second song chose Judy Garland’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Somizi said about her performances, ”Paxton, your voice control is on another level, your breathing technique is on another level. There are people when you see perform you know they must dig deep in education and become a doctor or nurse.

And then you are one of those artists that there is nothing else you gonna have to do in this world but be a superstar. And sing. You are gifted. Your voice is gold. Your voice is God’s gift. You are amazing.

Randall on the other hand advised Paxton to have fun this coming week regardless of all the stress and pressure of the final results.

* The last round of voting has been extended until Thursday at 10pm and the finale will be held at Carnival City next Sunday November 19.



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