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Vin Diesel visar bild på Paul Walker i nya F&F 7

Här är de första bilderna ur nya ”Fast and furious 7”. Huvudrollsinnehavaren Vin Diesel delar själv med sig av materialet på sin Facebooksida. Ett av fotografierna visar honom i en scen med den bortgångne Paul Walker. ”Universal studios kom på besök, för att visa trailern för FF7, skriver vin Diesel

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MFW: About Jil Sander

It’s interesting to note that the two strongest shows of Milan Fashion Week (so far) looked back to the mid-century. Like Prada, Raf Simons conjured up a bygone era of glamour and innovation in his collection for Jil Sander, making a very strong case for a polished, coolly calculated approach to dressing that simply doesn’t exist in this day where most women try very hard to look like they didn’t put any effort into their appearance at all. The collection started out with untouchable, expertly tailored reinventions of the white shirt as cotton and poplin dresses, most of which had tiny bits of crystal embroidery discreetly attached to pintucks on the waist. From there, he worked in a series of elegant separates in bright paisleys followed by knit sweaters with renderings of iconic Pablo Picasso works—this in itself is noteworthy because Picasso’s estate has never allowed anything like this to be done before.

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Konstens kungar på Kalmar slott

Tillsammans med uppvaktande följe har nu Pablo Picasso tagit plats på Kalmar slott, i en utställning där temat är Picasso och hans kompisar.

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Konstens kungar på Kalmar slott